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Language Translation Resources

 Language translation resources help translators translate texts, websites, etc. from one language to another. Various sites have a vast amount of information on translating languages, and these sites will point you in the right direction. Click below for more information.

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Welcome to the English Spanish Translators Forums
Translation Israel 
Translation and Language Resources. Links to dictionaries, glossaries, publications, etc.
Tamil Translator 
Tamil Translator. For Tamil translation to and from in any topic and any language.
Spanish Translators Forum
Spanish to English Translation
Spanish Language
Shakespear Ediciones & Traductores Online 
Shakespear Ediciones fue creado para despertar el interés sobre uso del idioma inglés en un mundo globalizado. También aquí encontrará enlaces a recursos del idioma inglés y a trabajos literarios de escritores y poetas, en inglés y castellano. También hacemos traducciones y clases de inglés en peque
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Language Teaching, Teacher Education & New Technologies 
I run CELT Athens, a Teacher Development centre based in the capital of Greece, and am Course Supervisor for all courses, including the DELTA Cambridge/RSA Diploma, the Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation and off-site seminars and workshops on a variety of topics for which I am responsible. I have written materials (Basic Grammar Workbooks 1, 2, & 3 published by English Schoolbook Publications), activity books for Cambridge Exams set texts, and numerous articles on Language, Foreign Language Teaching and Education.
Hindi translator 
Hindi translator Indianscripts is an internationally recognized leader in English - Hindi translation services.
Free online English-Japanese Dictionary, and Japanese-English Dictionary, in simple romanized format
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English to Thai translator specializing in Hotel information, business, 
I have worked as a freelance translator almost 3 years. I translate textbooks about business, marketing, hotel information and travel and tourism.
English to Spanish Translation
English Russian translator 
offering English Russian translation of personal correspondence.
English Language
Easy Islam 
All islamic litrature as form of text and sound are available on All islamic litrature as form of text and sound are available on
Custom essay writing 
Professional writers will help uk students with their essays.
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