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Marketing and Advertising

 Find out about the field of marketing and advertising, or how to promote your product with these links, whether your product or service is local or global. With the right tools and marketing pitch, you will see that there is a niche for every type of product or service!


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activ8-3D Holographic Projection 
3D holographic projection systems. We can take your product or concept and turn it into a 3D hologram, complete with animation and hologram special effects. activ8-3D provide a range of hologram display services, including full stage hologram projections, hologram advertisement retail displays, motion capture systems, and audience interaction. We can create holograms of real people as well as computer generated graphics. activ8-3D can bring your project to life with 3D holographic projection.
barang sponsor promosi perusahaan dan akademisi 
sarana sponsor perusahaan, konveksi dan percetakan mengerjakan pemesanan produk sarana sponsor perusahaan, produsen konveksi utk perusahaan, TK, Sekolah, akademi, universitas dan Percetakan Digital promosi perusahaan bross pin medali topi bajutoga tabungwisuda kaoskaki jamdinding
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